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Neon Flowers in a Garden

Neon Flowers in...

Jewel Swirl Trees and a Town Scene

Jewel Swirl...

Handsome Man Among Neon

Handsome Man...

Flowery Landscape (the highest rated art on artfeedback.com)


Gold Cat in an Apartment Stylized

Gold Cat in an...

More Abstract Gold Sunset Swirl Flowers original

More Abstract...

Gold Cat in An Apartment With Photoshop

Gold Cat in An...

  • Member Status: SILVER
  • User Name: Daniel-James-Harrison
  • Current Location: Canada Ontario Hamilton 18 Rutherford
  • Shoots: Animals / Wild Life, Landscapes, People
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Apparently I've been acting pretty obnoxious in this section of the site because people are booing the art I made that had the highest score on artfeedback. Now that money is involved everyone is ignoring my art. First there was artistorpretender.com where I became the highest scoring artist on that site and then the guy just took the site down because we have sites like this now which are an improvement. There was no money involved there though because there was no option to purchase the art. Then there was artfeedback where once again I put up my art for free and everyone said I'm the best artist of all time probably because I worked really hard and made a lot of art and they felt bad.. I mean clearly that's why it got such a great score, it was because I was doing lots of work for free so they decided to encourage me. Now that money is involved all of the sudden my art is garbage and no one wants to check it out.... Wow you people on this site fucking hate me. You don't like that I got mad when you didn't buy anything so you booed my top rated art and gave it a crap score. Now that money is involved everyone is ignoring me and booing me.. I'm just disgusted and hateful and always angry now.. This whole thing is really pretty sad I think I've been crying once every day or 2... Just breaking down and sobbing because I have pretty much no money and I live at a homeless shelter and people steal from me there. They steal what little stuff I have partly because they refused to give me a new key to my room when I lost the old one. I leave my stuff lying around and the next thing I know the laptop I got with the inheritance and government money is gone. Someone stole my laptop so now my income consists of 5 dollars a day and some methadone and 20 mg of ritalin and 300 mg of wellbutrin and my homeless shelter where I live and get free food. That's pretty much it.. I 'm basically dirt poor and all of you people suckered me into making a bunch of work for free that got me nowhere and made almost no money whatsoever. I sold the flowery landscape drawing for 5 dollars, that work of art has the highest score on artfeedback out of over 5000 works of art and I sold it for 5 dollars because that's all it seemed I could get for it. When I go out with my art looking for money I'm lucky to get 5 dollars from soneone, most of the time everyone just claims they have no money and gives me nothing.. Thats why im always angry hope youunerstand noone bought my art on here..
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