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Alan P. Scherer Jr.'s Art

Fenway Sunset

Fenway Sunset

Fenway Park at Sunset

No more hurting people

No more hurting...

Martin was 8 when the marathon bomb went off !

Fishing boats at rest

Fishing boats...

Fishing boats in Chatham, Mass at rest for the...

Pick of the patch

Pick of the patch

Pumpkins ready to be carved or pies even.

Reflections in the sky

Reflections in...

A view of the John Hancock building in Boston....

Splash of Yellow

Splash of Yellow

A Sunflower closeup shot in Autumn

Beneath the Harvard Stadium bleachers

Beneath the...

The view beneath the bleachers at Harvard...

Reflections of color

Reflections of...

The reflections of Autumn on the Charles river...

Citgo sign Boston

Citgo sign Boston

The historical landmark Citgo sign in Boston mass.

Reflections on the Exeter River.

Reflections on...

Exeter River New Hampshire reflections of Autumn

Fenway Park ticket booth at dark

Fenway Park...

The ticket booth sign at Fenway Park in the dark.



A Barn with a silo in New Hampshire

The Green Monster scoreboard

The Green...

The scoreboard on the Green Monster at Fenway...

Sax man in Central Park NYC

Sax man in...

A man plays a Sax as people walk by not...

On the tracks

On the tracks

The train bridge over the Charles River in...



Wine bottles on a wine tree at a French Bistro...

Under Harvard Stadium

Under Harvard...

Beneath Harvard stadium in Lower Allston, Mass.

Charles river colors

Charles river...

The Fall colors on the Charles River in Boston,...

The stadium stairs

The stadium stairs

The Harvard Stadium seats

Into Dusk

Into Dusk

Dusk on the Charles river Boston

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  • User Name: alanschererphotographer
  • Current Location: Westminster, Massachusetts
  • Shoots: Abstract, Animals / Wild Life, Architectural, Black & White, Fashion, Landscapes, Portrait, People, Sports, Wedding / Events, Other
Critique Alan P. Sche...'s Art
Photography Saved My Life I have Bipolar disorder, I am an alcoholic, I suffer from child hood trauma and I committed suicide at 11. I have been hospitalized from mental health struggles as a child and as and adult. I have been through short term and long term foster care. I was diagnosed in 2001 with Bipolar 2 and was on meds til 2008 as well as seeing a psychiatrist, and a therapist. Enter 2010, I had a come to Jesus moment that changed my life forever. I was sick of being a victim of my past and never feeling that I would ever be enough for anyone else or myself. I looked in the mirror and asked myself, I was 245 lbs at the time and just emotionally and physically spent. Is this all I have to offer myself, is this all I have to offer the world around me? Thankful the answer was NO! I did some important things the first few months of 2010, I got a pair of running shoes and bought a Digital SLR camera. When I say photography saved my life I mean literally. I also got a gym membership to go along with my running shoes. I began moving physically, and creatively for my mental health and physical health. I was not a good photographer when I started, I just had some enthusiasm to try. I allowed myself to learn how to capture things through the lens, and to uniquely tell the true story of life around me. I was also learning to let others in, to let them see my work, buy my work, and to use my services as well. In turn I was building a better relationship within myself too. Every Fine Art photo is a day in my life where I allowed myself to get out of my own way, whether it’s on Cape Cod, out my front door in Boston, or piece of my life within my own home, it was never about becoming a pro photographer. It was about learning to feel good in my own skin, on my own terms, in my own time. Photography gave me a way to experience the world from behind the lens in ways that I couldn’t feel at the time in front of it. When you buy a piece of my art, you are taking piece of me with you to your life, and I hope it helps you feel better! I hope when you talk about your piece to an admirer of it you can say that piece is an Alan Scherer Photographer original, it helped save his life!
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