Frequently Asked Questions
I made a sale! When will I be paid?
90% of your Artist Royalty will be deposited into the bank account connected to your account within 7 business days of a sale.
Does Your Art Gallery ship worldwide?
Yes! We can ship worldwide. Duggal Visual Solutions is among Fed-Ex’s Top 5 East Coast shippers so we are able to pass along volume shipping discounts to our customers.
Why am I not found in your search engine?
If you are not being able to see any of your images on the search engine the first thing you need to check is your bank account information. If your account has not been verified, your images will not show up for sale. Once you have been verified, you then need to make sure you have keywords listed for each one of your images. These keywords help your image be found.
How can I see how my images are doing?
Check out your profile analytics and see exactly which of your images the community is viewing. All you have to do is log in to your artist account and click the "Analytics” button. If you have any difficulty please let us know. You should be able to see how many views, ratings, and trophies you have received for each image.
Do I get a discount when I order my own images?
Yes! All Your Art Gallery Artist in Residence get 20% off their production costs. Artist Royalty is waived and the discount will automatically be applied if you are logged in.
How do I know how my images will look when printed?
Duggal Visual Solutions, our partnered printer, has over 50 years of experience in fine art production. Their expert staff prints all images with the Adobe RGB 1998 color profile. This color profile provides a large and balanced color gamut for printing.
How should I price my images?
The best way to begin planning what you will charge for your images is to check out other images on the site that may have similar keywords and see what those artists are selling their artwork for. You can easily see the lowest price they charge by rolling over the image in the search engine.
Why do I have different print sizes available for different images?
Print sizes are set by the selling artist for the integrity of their art and are only available by these dimensions. Sizes are provided in inches by standard imperial and U.S. systems of measurement.
How quickly will I get my order?
Depending on the items you order they can take between 1 - 7 business days to produce and then can be shipped Priority Standard Overnight, 2-Day, or Ground from New York.

Production Turnaround:

  • Photographic and Archival Inkjet Prints- 1 - 2 Business Days
  • Gallery Plexi Mounted Photographic Print- 4 - 5 Business Days
  • Framed Photo or Archival Inkjet Prints- 6 - 7 Business Days
  • Stretched Canvas Prints- 4 - 5 Business Days
Can I sign my prints?
Unfortunately, you cannot sign your prints at this time. But this is something the Your Art Team is working on already. If you have other ideas or improvements please send them to us on our Feedback page.
How can I become a YAG Featured Artist?
Only Your Art Gallery’s platinum and gold members have the opportunity to become Featured Artists. Your Art Gallery reviews artist profiles and chooses Featured Artists based on overall rating, number of trophies, total views, and sometimes their experience in the industry.
What type of photo papers do you use?
We use Kodak Matte and Glossy photo papers.
What is the difference between Your Art Gallery’s Matte and Glossy Paper?
Both our Matte and Glossy papers provide brilliant whites with detailed highlights and vivid color reproductions. Matte outputs deeper reds, clearer yellows, and more natural skin tones, while Glossy papers tend to have higher contrast and color saturation. For both choices, the result is a sharp and crisp appearance for an exhibition, advertising, and other commercial and fine art photo applications.
How can I drive more views to my images?
There are many different ways to help your images gain more views.
  • For each of your images, make sure to fill out all of the keywords. This will help buyers find your images while searching.
  • Enter photo contests. This will help you get rated. If you win one of our photo contests, you will receive a trophy that will help your image show up more in the search engine.
  • Get your friends and family to rate your artwork.
  • By updating your promotional center, our staff at Your Art Gallery will have access to your images for marketing purposes. You can choose to be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, in print advertisements, and even in pop up galleries. Though we can not guarantee your image will be used, the YAG team does their best to promote as many artists as possible
  • Share your images on social media.
What is your cancellation/return policy?

Purchases are eligible for returns, if there is a quality-related issue, damage that occurs prior to or during shipping, or if the product is lost during shipping. If your purchase is damaged or lost due to an error in shipping or production, YourArtGallery.com must be notified within 7 days of delivery.

The YourArtGallery.com agreement with photographic artists (who provide our outstanding selection of photographic art), allows reproduction of their images to fulfill any case of damage or defect but DOES NOT reimburse image right fees if the buyer chooses to be refunded, and not to have damaged art replaced.

For more information, check out our full Return Information page.

Can I get a discount for a bulk order?
If you are looking to order a large number of prints please contact a YAG team member and we can better assist you.
My image has a bad rating what should I do?
There are a few things you can do if your image is not being received well by the community. The first thing to check is if your image is correctly categorized and has great keywords to describe it. You can also share your image via social media with your friends and family. If your image is still not doing well, switch it out with another image and see how that one does. By using YAG’s crowdsourcing system you can truly build your perfect portfolio online.
Can I contribute articles or information to YAG University?
We would love to hear from you. Please send your story idea(s) to info@yourartgallery.com and someone will contact you about being a special YAG guest blogger.
How large of a file can I upload?
We accept image files up to 160 MB in TIFF, JPEG, JPG, or PNG formats.
What is a YAG crop?
Your YAG crop is the square view of your image. This square view is what is used throughout our search engine, our contests, and our promotions. When we do not use the square view, we do our best to use the original aspect ratio.
What keywords should I use to list my image?
When choosing keywords for your image think about what someone may type in the search bar when looking for art. Locations, subject matter, adjectives, etc. are all great types of keywords to use. Don’t worry if you want to change a keyword later on. After you submit your image, you can easily change the details in your Artist Portfolio.
What happens if I don’t receive my Artist Royalty Payment?
If your details are incorrect and have not been updated, please update your information and advise us via info@yourartgallery.com of the change so we can reissue your payment. All Direct Deposits reissued payments if stopped by the bank can be automatically transferred with the bank’s approval. In case the account information was incorrect another option for payment must be selected. PayPal reissued payments will incur a 2% processing fee. Manual check payments will incur a $15 processing fee ($5 reissue fee + $10 check cancellation fee).
Don’t see an answer to your questions? Contact us via our Feedback page. We would love to help!